• Evaluating Our Work in DR Congo
    Education still crucial
  • Forced to flee
    Elise’s arduous journey to safety
  • Semire
    was rejected by her family
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DR Congo

Where war and insecurity reign, children are hit hard. DRC’s long conflict has dragged the eastern provinces of the country into chaos.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a victim of its own wealth. The rich soil, full of diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt, coltan (used in IT products), and zinc, has ignited a horrendous battle between neighbouring countries, corrupt governments and competing ethnic groups with serious weaponry.

Different ethnic groups from neighbouring countries fight for control of the mineral wealth in North and South Kivu even today.

As a result of decades of violence, chaos reigns in DRC. Children suffer the most. Some have been forced to fight as soldiers. An alarming number of girls and women have been raped by members of armed groups, or civilians. Millions have fled, or are still chased from their homes by rebel groups. Education has been disrupted for hundreds of thousands of children.

War Child protects children most severely affected by the conflict in DRC. We promote alternatives for child soldiers and children performing harmful labour, and provide them with psychosocial support to ensure their successful reintegration in their communities. We also strive for the reintegration of child survivors of sexual exploitation and violence. We ensure a rapid response to child protection incidents, and we work with parents, teachers, police officers, military leaders and local policy makers to strengthen the protective environment surrounding children.