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Situated between Israel and Syria, Lebanon has experienced a massive influx of refugees in recent years. Internal conflicts, unresolved for decades, continue to cause outbursts of violence.


Lebanon has experienced a massive influx of refugees over the past five years - including some 1.2 million people escaping the conflict in neighbouring Syria. These recent arrivals represent approximately one in every five people in Lebanon - and this population increase has had an overwhelming effect on the country’s social, economic and political stability. The country’s infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly.

Roughly half of all refugees in Lebanon are children - and they face an uncertain future in this small, densely populated country. Children grow up in a climate of distrust and fear - a legacy of the civil war that lasted for years. Tension between different ethnic groups is on the rise once again. Refugees from Syria and Palestine are increasingly confronted with violence and discrimination.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees continue to live in ‘parallel states’ inside Lebanon, either in unofficial gatherings or in one of the country’s twelve refugee camps. Palestinian refugees represent some 10 per cent of the population and are denied several important human rights - including access to education, health care and employment.

What we do

War Child Holland in Lebanon has been actively responding to the Syria emergency crisis since early 2012. War Child is currently the leading agency providing education, protection and psychosocial support services to Syrian children. Our services are also accessed by significant numbers of children and young people from both the Palestinian refugee and Lebanese host communities - contributing to peace-building efforts.

In several Safe Spaces across the country, children can begin to recover from the experience of their displacement and access support to boost their psychosocial and emotional well-being. We work to reach as many people as possible through our programmes - including parents and other important adults in children’s lives.


Coalition airstrikes in Syria have killed 300 civilians, says Amnesty #syriasvibes…

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RT @AmalHanano: Yesterday they dreamed of a future in this classroom. They didn't know it would end today. #Hass #ChildrenOfSyria https://t…

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RT @AmalHanano: This is Bissan from #Syria. She was killed yesterday when #Russia bombed her school. #ChildrenOfSyria…

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RT @unicefusa: See what daily life is like at the Za'atari refugee camp — through the eyes of #ChildrenofSyria living there:…

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Yesterday 22 #children where killed in school bombings by Russian forces #EndViolence against #ChildrenofSyria…

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Education is key for #childrenofsyria’s survival & ability to rebuild a peaceful #Syria. #SupportSyrians #UNICEF

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RT @AmalHanano: This is Bissan from #Syria. She was killed yesterday when #Russia bombed her school. #ChildrenOfSyria…

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Yday, children in Hass, Idlib left their homes to go to school. 20 of them did not return, killed in Russian airstr…

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RT @KentPage: See daily life at Za'atari refugee camp thru eyes of #ChildrenofSyria living there: v/@unicefusa http…

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RT @julie4nw: Standing by the #ChildrenOfSyria with the EP Children's Rights Intergroup. Join our call to #EndViolence in #Syria https://t.…

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