Increasing access to education for children in urban and rural areas.

Facts and figures

- One project
- 830,000 children affected by conflict
- 12,783 total participants

What is happening in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan continues to suffer the effects of an ongoing humanitarian crisis - the result of four decades of conflict. Many Afghans have been forced from their homes - nearly a million people are currently on the move inside the country’s borders. This figure includes thousands returning to Afghanistan from Pakistan and Iraq.

The humanitarian crisis inside Afghanistan has continued for eighteen long years. Recent years have seen an upsurge in Taliban activity and increasing numbers of people cannot meet basic food needs. Over six million people in total currently need urgent humanitarian assistance - more than half of them children.

Afghan children grow up with the constant threat of violence and other threats to their safety - including forced marriage, corporal punishment and hazardous working conditions.


Photo: War Child

What we do

We support the work of War Child UK in Afghanistan to provide increased access to educational opportunities for vulnerable children in urban and rural areas. The programme is designed to support children aged from four to six in their development until early primary school.

Our education projects are combined with child protection activities. These activities see us train social workers to identify and document unaccompanied or separated children and young people. We offer the children counselling, and we help trace their families and reunite them if possible.

In 2017 we also participated in an international Joint Response as part of the Dutch Relief Alliance.