Liveblog: Beirut Emergency Response

Beirut is coming to terms with the devastating effects of two major explosions. People in the city have come together to set up emergency services - but the threat of a prolonged humanitarian crisis remains very real. Our Lebanon team is playing an active role in the relief operation. Get the latest on our emergency response:

8 September 2020:
The devastating impact of the Beirut explosions continues to be felt - more than a month on

The Government of Lebanon estimates that the explosions have left more than 300,000 people homeless in the Greater Beirut area. The majority of households still have no clean water supply. And new research from UNICEF shows that 50 per cent of children affected by the explosions are showing signs of trauma - and in need of urgent and sustained social and emotional support.

War Child is working in partnership with UNICEF in the Karantina area of the city - providing children with psychosocial support and recreational activities. French state news channel France 24 visited the emergency tent where activities take place - and you can watch the report (in French and Arabic) here:

21 August 2020:
Assisting Children With Their Needs and Providing Them With a Safe Place

According to Tony, everyone in Gemayzeh will tell you that some kind of miracle happened during and after the explosions in Beirut. “My mom was one of them".

Learn Tony’s whole story and see how our staff from Beirut, Tripoli, Akkar and the Bekaa joined forces and were on the ground from the morning after the Beirut explosion. They are helping any way they can, connecting children with services that would assist in their needs and providing them with a safe place in which they can express what they have been through.

21 August 2020:
Supporting Children, Facilitators and Caregivers on How to Cope with Traumatic Incidents

“When I saw the explosion and found out about what had happened, I was scared and didn't know what to do. It was a shock. I isolated myself in my room and away from my family and friends for several days. I stopped all my daily activities. A few days later though, I decided to challenge my thoughts and turn the fear and sadness in my heart into a painting that can help me feel comfortable. I was able to paint this, and when I finished and looked at it, I felt very happy and that all my fears had gone away. I hope the pain we lived in Syria will not happen again in Lebanon. I want to say: انو لبنان صح ما كان وطني بس كان موطني”. Aynaa, 17 years old.

Drawing explosions in Beiroet Lebanon by Aynaa

Surviving and surpassing traumatic events can be very challenging - each one of us deals with this in their own way. Often, people choose to write about trauma, since it’s the most common form of expression. But, drawing and painting are equally valid forms of expression as well.

Responding to the Beirut explosion our team is providing psychosocial support through the YOULead project, to children, facilitators and caregivers to cope with traumatic incidents.

18 August 2020:
“The whole of Lebanon seems to have jumped into action…”

Beirut’s communities continue to work together as part of the ongoing relief operation following this month’s explosions. War Child researcher Felicity Brown was on the ground - and witnessed the legendary resilience of the Lebanese people first-hand. She shares the inspiring scenes she witnessed.

War Child staff as clean up team to support the community

17 August 2020:
Community Clean-Up Efforts Continue

War Child staff in Beirut are continuing to play an active role in community efforts to repair residences damaged by the recent explosions. New images from houses which our staff helped to clean and remove debris from follow.

13 August 2020:
War Child Steps Up Support for the People of Beirut

Beirut is the centre of a massive clean-up operation - as people come together to set up emergency support services following last week’s explosions. Yet shelter remains scarce. Food supplies are heavily disrupted - and the threat of a prolonged humanitarian crisis is increasing. Find out how our staff in Lebanon are working to meet urgent needs…

Helping out locals after the explosion in Beirut cleaning out their houses_War Child Lebanon

11 August 2020:
Update From Our Team in Beirut

We have been active on the ground since the morning after the #Beirut explosion - helping in any way possible. Our team has been cleaning houses. Offering food and water to vulnerable families. And providing temporary shelter, clothing and psychosocial support to those people most affected by the blasts. View the latest images:

6 August 2020:
War Child Stands in Solidarity with the People of Lebanon

War Child is deeply saddened by the explosion in Beirut. Our Beirut Office is temporarily closed but we will continue to support affected people. Find out more about our response activities...

Explosions in Beirut, Lebanon leaves children and families vulnerable

5 August 2020:
Beirut Explosions: The Immediate Aftermath

We are deeply saddened by the massive explosion in #Beirut. Our Beirut Office is temporarily closed. Our staff are safe but a few suffered minor injuries that required treatment. We are assessing the damage and will be supporting affected populations - both directly and in partnership with other organisations.

We will make our specialist services available to organisations including the Lebanese Red Cross. We will also make #psychosocialsupport and other identified needs available to children and caregivers directly affected by the explosion.

Explosion in Beirut in August 2020 Lebanon War Child continues supporting children