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Can't Wait To Learn

Can’t Wait to Learn is unique in that children can learn in their own community, even where there are no teachers. Children learn by playing serious educational games on tablet computers.

The game itself includes instruction, practice, and a learning management system and is currently implemented in Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon and Uganda. The programme aims to support and supplement the traditional education model in conflict-affected areas in the short term, without displacing it in the long term.

An evidence-based method

The fresh, interactive learning materials are all based on official national curricula and the results of needs assessments conducted with children and members of their community. Various research components support the introduction and the scaling up of Can’t Wait to Learn. The programme uses nationally & internationally recognised measurement tools and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation purposes, this way contributing to knowledge development in the Education in Emergency sector.

Solar panel to charge tablets in semi-nomadic trial community in North Kordofan, Sudan.Breaking new ground

Can’t Wait to Learn is innovative in more ways than one. By combining games and education, the games allow even children who have not had previous education or might have limited reading or maths capacity to participate, learn and improve. A built-in progress monitoring system and self-contained instructions help cope with a lack of infrastructure or the unavailability of trained teacher staff on site. And the programme brings technology like tablets, software and solar panels to remote or difficult settings, thanks to a delivery mechanism that works across resource-constrained environments.

Children at the heart of the programme

From the design and content development to the learning experience and goals, Can’t Wait to Learn is child-centred. Children’s life stories, their feedback and drawings from local designers are used to co-create the design of the learning environments, so they are familiar to children. The game allows children to learn at their own pace, with built-in instructional videos oftentimes recorded by youth from the country. Children also discover how their skills are directly applicable in their own lives – and how they can improve the lives of people surrounding them. 

Strong partnerships

All partners and supporters working within Can’t Wait to Learn share one vision: to work together to develop a model that offers children, affected by conflict, access to quality education. Each partner and supporter contributes its unique knowledge, expertise and strength.


Next to implementing partners in each country, Can't Wait to Learn is a collaboration between War Child, Ahfad University for Women, TNO, Butterfly Works, Ministries of Education of Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan and Uganda and UNICEF. The games are developed by creative and educational partners in Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda and the Netherlands.


The programme is financed by the Dream Fund of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, IKEA Foundation,, USAID, the Humanitarian Education Accelerator, an initiative of UNICEF, UNHCR and DFID, European Commission Humanitarian Office and the CISCO Foundation. The first pilot and trial phases of this model were financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and UNICEF International.

Humanitarian Education Accelerator

In 2016, Can’t Wait to Learn was one of the first three projects worldwide chosen to join the Humanitarian Education Accelerator programme (for education innovations in emergencies), led by UNHCR, UNICEF and DFID.

You can read about the most recent developments of the Can't Wait to Learn programme here