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Can't Wait To Learn!

Worldwide, more than 30 million children are denied schooling due to conflict. For some of these children, war in their own countries has destroyed the education system. Others have been forced to flee, and have no access to education as refugees. For these children, War Child Holland, together with local and international partners, has developed an innovative education method: Can’t Wait to Learn.

Education offers hope and opportunity

All children have a right to education. Education provides children with hope, structure and real opportunities for a better future -- crucial for children living in (former) conflict zones.

All too often in areas affected by conflict, traditional education cannot happen. Classrooms are unavailable, inaccessible, and can be dangerous. Teachers lack quality training and support. Government education budgets are often insufficient. In the meantime, a generation of children, eager to learn, miss out on education.

Accessible, flexible and effective education

Even though traditional education cannot happen, meaningful and impactful education cannot wait. Education builds the capacities of children, parents, teachers and community members to cope with conflict - and to help prevent conflict in the future. Education is vital to breaking cycles of poverty and instability, and empowers future parents and leaders.

Can’t Wait to Learn is unique in that children can learn in their own community, even when there are no teachers. Children learn by playing serious educational games on tablet computers. The game itself includes instruction, practice, and a learning management system.

Can’t Wait to Learn aims to support and supplement the traditional education model in conflict-affected areas in the short term, without displacing it in the long term.

The first step: e-Learning Sudan

Until now Can’t Wait to Learn has focused on a trial projectcallede-Learning Sudan (eLS).  Sudanese children learn basic numeracy skills in a fun and effective way. By playing customised games, based on Sudan’s national primary out of school math curriculum.

This method has been trialled and tested extensively. Results show that children learn fast and effectively using this method. Results also suggest that the model could be empowering, flexible, innovative and cost-effective at scale.

Great potential for the future

In the next years, this innovative project can grow, thanks to the generous support of the ticket holders of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, and the IKEA Foundation. These donors will enable us to really make a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of children affected by conflict.

War Child and partners will further develop Can’t Wait to Learn between 2016 and 2020. We will adapt the programme for Syrian refugee children in the Middle East, scale up the project in Sudan, and add language education and psychosocial well-being components.  

Discover more

Find out more about this innovative project: Take a look at the press attention we’ve received worldwide, and how we focus on children. In the How we do this section, you’ll find out more about our methodology.

We need your help

Can’t Wait to Learn has the potential to help thousands of children receive an education that will help them, their families, communities, and societies recover from and prevent future conflict.

But we can’t reach them without your support. Become a Can’t Wait to Learn partner by providing skills, resources or influence... Because these children can’t wait to learn.