Caregiver Support Intervention

Children living in the midst of armed conflict don’t grow up in isolation - the stresses and physical threats they face frequently affect their parents and caregivers too. That’s why War Child is developing a programme in support of the important adults in children’s lives - the Caregiver Support Intervention.
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Helping children in conflict-affected areas through supporting the important adults in their lives

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Stimulating caregiver's ability to support children

Parents and caregivers exposed to the effects of armed conflict - such as forced migration and the loss of loved ones - experience significant levels of stress. This stress burden can have a significant negative effect on the individual wellbeing of parents and caregivers - and diminish their ability to protect and support the children in their care.

The Caregiver Support Intervention has been designed to lower stress and improve wellbeing among parents and other caregivers of children - in order to strengthen their ability to make the best use of the parenting knowledge and skills they already possess. Participants also develop new knowledge and skills across the programme.

All this ultimately serves to further support conflict-affected children - by boosting the psychosocial wellbeing of the people who care for them.

How the intervention works

The intervention is made up of nine group sessions with the ultimate aim of helping parents and caregivers to embrace ‘positive parenting’ techniques. This positive parenting is typified by warm, positive interactions with children that ultimately serve to increase their self-esteem and social skills. Non-violent disciplinary techniques are also employed to help children learn free from fear and distress.

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Participants of our Caregiver Support Intervention also develop new knowledge and skills

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Unlike other parent training courses, the Caregiver Support Intervention also works to strengthen the distinct needs of parents and caregivers themselves. The first four sessions of the intervention are designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques to reduce their stress and manage their frustrations. Participants continue learning and practicing new stress management and relaxation techniques across the entire programme.

All this reinforces both the individual wellbeing of parents and caregivers as well as the support structures that surround them - providing a platform for the care and protection of children and youth.

More on the Caregiver Support Intervention

The Caregiver Support Intervention is informed by evidence and research - and is one of the integrated interventions that make up our holistic Care System. For more information on the progress and development of this intervention download our dedicated factsheet now.