Coloring My Future

Drawings from children in Syria


To grow up in safety. To express themselves. To go to school. To receive medical attention. These are some of the rights that apply to all children across the globe. The rights of children, protected by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), should be upheld at all times during war and peace. However, widespread unrest, displacement and violence has led to the denial of many basic rights for Syrian children.

These rights include the right to be heard - facilitating this, War Child Holland has collected Syrian children’s drawings, stories, and quotes. Through these means Syrian children express their dreams, fears and daily realities. This project ultimately aims to raise awareness and understanding of the reality that children face after three years of armed conflict in Syria. And for the rights of children and young people across the globe that the international community has a role to help uphold and protect.

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