Consultant/contractor: Scaling Coordinator

Purpose of the Assignment

The Scaling Coordinator will be part of the Scaling Coordination Group (SCG). The mandate of the SCG is to provide strategic direction, evaluation and positioning on scaling questions and the alignment and harmonization of scaling initiatives in line with War Child Holland’s (WCH’s) SCALING ambition. The Scaling Coordinator will facilitate the work of this group and will make sure the decisions or advice by SCG are translated into concrete activities and are put to implementation.


War Child has an ambition to reach more children through scaling and working in partnership with other agencies.

War Child intends to leverage its global network, sector insight and expertise about evidence-based products and methods that are co-created, tested and scaled with partners and respond to expressed interests of children and youth affected by war and conflict.

To enhance internal coordination on this important ambition, a Scaling Coordinator is sought.

Scope of Work

Scaling Coordinator will support the SCG with the following tasks:


  • Keep the oversight of all what is happening on scaling
  • Lead and oversee the operationalization of the strategic objectives under the SCALING ambition statement
  • Ensure alignment with the work on the PROGRAMME and PEOPLE & ORGANISATION ambitions (notably the Shared Platform change project)
  • Oversee the work of more specific scaling working groups
  • Lead the internal discourse, communication and learning on scaling
  • Evaluate opportunities for scaling, develop relevant organizational positions on scaling and discuss scaling risks (including safeguarding and other integrity-related risks)
  • Contribute to the design of data and knowledge management, and connect to other scaling initiatives

Tasks related to specific scaling strategies

  • Learn from product specific scaling initiatives/knowledge management
  • Oversee agreements with third parties on co-creation, co-implementation and uptake
  • Direct and oversee licensing of parties for uptake
  • Oversee branding and communications regarding scaling
  • Support and/or advice or evaluate business models
  • Oversee the gathering of evidence of scalability
  • Oversee the unpacking of process(es) for ensuring quality of implementation

How to apply

This opportunity is open to all qualified consultants. Interested parties are advised to contact War Child Holland through;; and to request for the full ToR and accompanying documents.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 2nd July, 2021 at 17:00 - local time of the Netherlands. Late submissions will not be accepted.