Meet Lieva (24)

Growing up in Colombia’s capital city, Lieva’s life has been marred by violence. Determined to ensure that young people like her don’t suffer in silence, she is using art as a message of hope and resilience...

“We look to art as an alternative to continue facing difficult situations.”

What we do

In Colombia, creative talent lies around every corner. Our programme draws upon this raw music and arts scene to strengthen young people's ability to cope with the violence they experience.

Through play, movement and peacebuilding activities, we invite youth from both large refugee and host populations to team up and channel their emotions into something positive.

Together with parents, caregivers and teachers we work to boost community protection mechanisms with an aim to prevent the use of children by gangs and armed groups. The inclusion of youth in local decision-making as well as the design of our projects aids this process.

Our projects

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Where we work

War Child Holland in Colombia









  • Safer Together

    Uribia, La Guajira
    Marked by the set-up of three community safe spaces, the project offers a haven; a moment to play and connect for Venezuelan migrant and refugee children in the border-state of La Guajira. Includes our popular TeamUp methodology.

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  • Safer Together III

    Grounded in scientific evidence, War Child combines its child protection method, Seeds with a simple innovation for detecting mental health conditions in young people, Be There. With this project, we aim to build a thriving community care network where all members of the community contribute to the protection and wellbeing of children growing up amidst conflict. Learn more.

  • Alive


    A research-based project on the mental health and wellbeing of young people living in Colombia's capital city. More broadly, the research seeks to develop a programme for adolescents in low and middle-income countries to develop skills that help them strengthen their ability to achieve their goals and prevent depression and anxiety.

  • Territorios Protectores


    This project seeks to implement a comprehensive protection strategy for the prevention of youth recruitment to armed groups. Our approach focuses on the strengthening of community protection mechanisms and the mutual support and care approach in order to not only prevent recruitment but also address the severe psychosocial effects that the presence of armed actors brings.

Our partners in Colombia



Drawing upon their deep knowledge of the local context, we work with this community-based NGO to deliver vital psychosocial support for children affected by urban violence.

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Reino de los Países Bajos Logo

Reino de los Países Bajos

The Netherlands Embassy supports our work with youth in urban areas, specifically through the financing of two key projects.

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AnneMarike Smiers is our Country Director in Colombia. Want to say hello or keen to join forces? Please reach out via one of the channels below.

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