Meet Mildred (13)

Almost three out of every ten children in rural Colombia have never attended school. Many work in the fields growing coca - not Mildred. She has a dream to unite her community through education - and the Peace Circus is helping her do just that....

“I think it’s very important for children and youth to talk about peace. It teaches us that we should live together.”

What we do

In Colombia, creative talent lies around every corner. Our programme draws upon this raw music and arts scene to strengthen children’s ability to cope with the violence they experience.

Through play, movement and peacebuilding activities, we invite young people from both large refugee and host populations to team up and channel their emotions into something positive.

Together with parents, caregivers and teachers, we work to boost community protection mechanisms with an aim to prevent the use of children by gangs and armed groups. The inclusion of youth in local decision-making aids this process.

Our projects

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Where we work

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  • Safer Together

    Uribia, La Guajira
    Marked by the set-up of three community safe spaces, the project offers a haven; a moment to play and connect for Venezuelan migrant and refugee children in the border-state of La Guajira. Includes our popular TeamUp methodology.

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  • Resguardos de Paz

    Chocó and Antioquia
    Working with the Embera Katío, Embera Dobida and Wounaan ethnic groups to strengthen community protection strategies and identify the greatest threats to children’s wellbeing and safety -all in the context of increased internal armed conflict and extreme weather events.

  • Peace Circus

    A peace education initiative that supports children and youth in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes to live in harmony. The circus is the stage where children and teachers embrace peace through visual arts, acrobatics, theatre, music and more and present their proposals to the community.

  • Community-Led Child Protection Project (CDCP)

    Coaching indigenous and conflict-affected communities on how to play an active role in the protection of children and young people - all through our innovative Seeds tool. Find out more

  • Connect With Your Future

    To become an agent of change, you need the opportunities to do so. A combination of vocational and life skills training, cultural outings and digital learning courses to help youth (aged 15-24) develop a positive outlook on their future.

  • SaludArte

    Barranquilla, Bogotá & Buenaventura

    Centred around dance and movement as a form of self-care, and led by youth advocates, young people are inspired to take their mental health into their own hands in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Community-Case Detection Tool

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Our partners in Colombia



Drawing upon their deep knowledge of the local context, we work with this community-based NGO to deliver vital psychosocial support for children affected by urban violence.

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European Commission partner War Child


As the European Union’s politically independent executive arm, the European Commission frees up vital funds for our peacebuilding and protection projects.

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AnneMarike Smiers is our Country Director in Colombia. Want to say hello or keen to join forces? Please reach out via one of the channels below.

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