DR Congo

Meet Edisa (19)

There are currently around 45,000 Burundians living as refugees in neighbouring DR Congo - Edisa is one of them. With the support of our vocational training programme, she is finding her place - both at home and in her community.

"Now that I have a job, I feel more valued. My husband asks for my opinion."

What we do

War Child has been active in DR Congo since 2003. We work primarily in South Kivu province in eastern DRC and recently expanded our activities to the neighbouring province of Maniema, in the territory of Kabambare.

Together with our international and local partners we work to improve the future prospects of children and youth from refugee and displaced populations as well as those from host communities.

Through psychosocial support, we help children and youth overcome trauma. Our vocational and life skills training equips young people with the tools to attract employment, handle life's challenges and support one another. We also set up youth groups where key issues in the community - such as the exploitation of natural resources and sexual violence - are brought to the table.

Our projects

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Where we work

War Child Holland - projects in DRC









  • Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict (ARC)

    Minova, Kalehe Territory, South Kivu
    Working to strengthen local governance, prevent and resolve conflicts and provide youth with technical and entrepreneurial skills to enter the job market. Implemented in partnership with local NGO TPO and funded by the Dutch government.

  • DR Congo Joint Response 4

    Kalehe & Fizi Territories, South Kivu

    Responding to the urgent needs and protection risks of conflict-affected communities in eastern DR Congo. A multi-sectoral project implemented by War Child in collaboration with 13 other NGOs. Read more

  • Shielding children from the cycle of violence

    Haut Plateaux, South Kivu

    Extending a safety net around displaced and marginalised children living with the effects of recurrent violence across the South Kivu Highlands. Funded by the UN OCHA Pooled Fund.

  • Fast Aid for children affected by community conflicts

    Bunyakiri Health Zone, Kalehe Territory, South Kivu

    An emergency support intervention initiated in response to a surge in internal conflict across northern South Kivu. Combines child protection, psychosocial support and education activities.

  • Burundian Refugees Support

    Uvira & Fizi Territories, South Kivu

    Working with community-based child protection structures including schools and health centres to mitigate the risks facing thousands of young Burundian refugees living in camps and transit centres along the Ruzizi River and near Lake Tanganyika. Implemented in partnership with UNHCR.

  • Youth at Work

    South Mbinga, Kalehe Territory, South Kivu

    A vocational and entrepreneurship training program designed to equip some 120 youth with the tools and skills to set up their own micro-enterprise. Implemented with funding from the Dutch Turing Foundation.

  • A fresh start for survivors of abuse

    Kalehe Territory, South Kivu

    Supporting children formerly associated with armed groups and SGBV survivors to reintegrate and play a positive role in society - contributing to peacebuilding and security in the area. Implemented in partnership with local NGO APES and UNICEF.

  • Youth Empowerment, Youth Engagement (YEYE)

    Baraka, Fizi Territory

    Facilitating youth to engage in constructive civil circles and create platforms - via radio and more - where they can have a say on the issues that directly affect their lives. Implemented by War Child with funding from ASN Bank.

  • COVID-19 Emergency Response

    Fizi Territory, South Kivu

    A Fast Aid response dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19 among 12,000 children and their communities in rural Fizi - a territory where the presence of armed groups continues to impinge on every aspect of life.

  • Education in Emergencies

    Bunyakiri Health Zone, Kalehe Territory, South Kivu

    An ECHO funded project which sees parents and caregivers, community leaders, service providers and other local influencers come together to protect children and set-up new education pathways.


Our partners in DR Congo



The United Nations agency provides vital funding for our emergency and development initiatives in Kalehe territory and beyond - including a renewed child protection project with local partner APES.

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TPO DRC - partner War Child Holland


Our first local implementing partner in DR Congo, TPO continues to lend their expertise to the delivery of vocational training for youth, working closely with an established network of village savings and loan associations.

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For an overview of all our partners in DR Congo and beyond go here.


Moïse Liboto Makuta is our Country Director in DR Congo.
For more information or a specific question, you can reach out to him below.

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