About the DEALS method

The DEALS are a set of life skills interventions for children and young people in conflict affected areas. They are designed to build their resilience and improve their coping skills to better ‘deal’ with the challenges of everyday life. The DEALS method was developed by War Child Holland.

Why a life skills method?
We believe no child should be part of war. Ever. Children have the right to grow up in peace, free from fear and violence. To develop their full potential and become the person they want to be, realizing their hopes and dreams for the future.

The development of communication, decision-making and problem solving skills, along with a sense of personal worth and agency will ultimately contribute to the psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people.

How the DEALS work

The DEALS combine creative activities and games with group discussions and home assignments. Children are actively involved and influence decision-making during the DEALS intervention.

Creative activities have the ability to empower. They provide instant fun, generate positive energy, and give children and young people new skills that they can be proud of. Through creative methods, children and young people can find their voice and a safe space to express themselves and build their confidence and cooperation skills. 

The DEALS rely on a creative and participatory facilitation: using various creative methods (drama, music, drawing, general games) to enable all participants in a group to play an active part in the process. 

The development of the DEALS

The I DEAL intervention was initially developed for children and young people with whom War Child was working in Uganda. The research and design was conducted largely in Uganda and then tested in other countries, revised and rolled out globally.

In addition to the basic I DEAL, 4 more DEALS have been developed to address the specific challenges faced by young people, girls, parents and teachers.

Because young people face additional challenges in their lives, additional modules, called BIG DEAL, were developed especially for this age group. These modules can be added to the I DEAL program and focus on rights and responsibilities, leadership and gender relations.

Parents, caregivers and teachers are also extremely important in realizing lasting change in the lives of children. PARENTS DEAL and TEACHERS DEAL have been developed as complementary interventions for important adults in children’s lives. This allows children and their parents, caregivers and teachers to explore topics such as child development, rights and responsibilities  and well-being. Having PARENTS DEAL groups running parallel to I DEAL groups proves to be effective for promoting lasting change in the lives of children and their families. 

SHE DEALS is an intervention initiated to address the specific challenges faced by vulnerable girls in conflict affected areas. The modules build skills and address challenges around young motherhood, risks faced by young girls, and experiences with commercial sex work. 

Developing a DEALS intervention is a multi-year process of research and testing. SHE DEALS and TEACHERS DEALS are in the process of development and not yet available at a global level. For more information or if you have any suggestions, questions or want to share your DEAL experiences, please contact us.