A life skills intervention for children (11-15 years) and young people (16-20 years) to better ‘deal’ with their daily lives.

I DEAL consists of six modules. These modules revolve around children and their position in groups, their relationships with friends and adults, the difficulties and conflicts in their lives, and their emotional well-being. I DEAL employs creative activities, group discussions and games to build resilience and improve coping skills.

I DEAL modules

1. Identity and assessment
Who am I? Who are we?
In this first module, participants get to know each other and establish themselves as a group. They reflect on their individual and group identities and establish a sense of mutual trust. They assess their strengths and difficulties. The group chooses the goals that they will work on for the rest of the program.

2. What are emotions?
How to deal with emotions? 
Participants develop tools to deal with their own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. They learn to recognise different emotions and understand their own reactions to them.

3. Who are my peers?
How to deal with conflict?
The participants develop more tools to engage in positive peer interaction. They identify and analyse the different relations they have with their peers. They learn to deal with difficulties and conflicts in peer interactions. They also learn how to give and receive support from others.

4. Relationships with adults
How do I interact with adults?
Participants gain skills to maintain or restore positive relations with important adults in their lives. The children become aware of their relationships with their caregivers. They learn to deal with difficult situations they experience with important adults. 

5. Conflict and peace
How to deal with conflict in my life?
Participants gain the insight and skills to deal with conflicts. They become aware of different types of conflict. They analyse the causes and dynamics of the conflicts in their environment and learn peaceful ways of dealing with conflict. 

6. The future
What is my outlook?
The children will evaluate the program they have participated in and reflect on what they have done, liked, and learnt. They make plans for their future and practise decision making. How will they use the skills they have learnt? Reflecting helps to sustain positive change and hope, the overall goal of this module. The children say goodbye to I DEAL in a festive and positive way.