Training and Tools

Using the DEALS tools is extremely important to ensure the quality of the DEALS interventions.

1. Training of facilitators

This Training of Facilitators provides a step by step guidance on how to train new Deals Facilitators in the Deals interventions for children, young people and adults. The manual is supplemented by a PowerPoint presentation to be used during the training.

2. Child Safety

Facilitators are responsible for the safety and well-being of children and young people during their participation in the DEALS. It is very important that all facilitators and coordinators commit themselves to their duty of care by following the child safety checklist and signing the code of conduct.

The DEALS interventions promote a policy of ‘zero-tolerance to violence’. This includes violence toward the facilitator or any of the participants of any age. The Child Safety Code of Conduct for Deals Facilitators was adapted from the War Child Holland Child Safety Policy.

The code of conduct is supported by guidelines for facilitators, which helps them to support participants and deal with sensitive topics. The child safety checklist should be used together with the code of conduct and the child safety guidelines.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

To monitor and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the intervention, facilitators can use the monitoring and evaluation toolkit. This set of exercises can be integrated in the DEALS sessions and will help facilitators to collect information on the quality of the program. This information is used to continually improve the DEALS interventions.

Training on monitoring and evaluation is integrated into the training of facilitators. 

 Download the training here.