Emergency Programme

More than 2 million refugees, half of them children, have fled the Syrian civil war since 2011. As violence in Syria continues, the number of refugees in Lebanon alone is expected to exceed 1 million by the end of 2013.


Children are acutely and disproportionately affected by the conflict in Syria. A sampling of Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS) showed that 94 percent were directly affected by conflict-related violence.  The effects of these experiences range from difficulty concentrating and nightmares, to severe behavioural problems, uncontrollable crying, and, in rare cases, psychological concerns. Having witnessed armed conflict and fled their homes, these refugee children need psychosocial support to cope with their emotions and experiences and deal with the instability and uncertainness of life as a refugee.

War Child is one of the leading agencies responding to the Syrian crises in Lebanon. We fill a critical service gap in strengthening the psychosocial well-being of refugee and vulnerable children. We use an integrated approach that includes child protection and education activities.

Our Reaching out for Protection, Reaching in for Resilience project aims to support the psychosocial development and well-being of Syrian refugee children in an environment where they feel safe and protected. Strengthening Education for Vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese Children in Northern Lebanon provides refugee and vulnerable children with a chance to catch-up with or restart their education. The project Quality Access to Education in Emergency for Out-of-School Palestinian Refugee Children from Syria will help refugee children to go back to school, which helps establish a sense of normalcy and stability in their lives, and contributes to the their psychosocial well-being. Providing Educational Support to Vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese Children in Beirut aims to reduce drop out for Syrian refugee children in Lebanese schools in and around Beirut boost enrolment.