Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with our Kili-Challenge

11 - 20 September 2021

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kili-Challenge Kilimanjaro beklimmen War Child
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - while collecting as much money as you can for children affected by war. This is the Kili-Challenge. Put together a team or join the other soloists. Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Sign up for next year's Kili-Challenge!

A journey to the roof of Africa for children affected by war

Moving mountains for children affected by conflict

You love a challenge. You are prepared to reach new highs and you don't mind a change of pace. In that case our Kili-Challenge might be the perfect fit. You are invited to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and collect as much money as you can to help children affected by conflict. You will pay for your own trip, and we will challenge you to raise that sum by at least € 2,400 through sponsorships.

Getting ready

To make sure you are ready to climb Africa’s highest mountain (5,895m) both physically and mentally, War Child is offering you an inspiring programme. In June we will be organising the first out of at least three get-togethers. We will help you collect funds and make sure you are physically ready. A weekend of training in the Belgian Ardennes will also be organised.

Kilimanjaro beklimmen met War Child Kili-Challenge

Reaching the roof of Africa

Photo: Eric, Kili-Challenge participant

Helping thousands of children

It will be tough - but an amazing and rewarding experience at the same time. The Kili Challenge will call upon all of your skills and qualities, inviting you to excel. You will follow in the footsteps of over 500 heroes who have climbed this giant with us before. Tired but satisfied, they have reached their targets, marvelling at the rising sun from the roof of Africa.

Departure dates & costs

The Kili-Challenge will take place from September 11 - 20, 2021. The whole trip takes 10 days, of which you will spend 7 days on the mountain. The expedition costs € 2,835 per person including overnight stays, meals, travel guidance, permits, transfers, and the preparatory program. This does not include flight tickets, equipment, visa, vaccinations etc. Please bear in mind that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a demanding adventure. In total the costs are around € 4,000.

This expedition is not the cheapest available online. We work with one of the few local organisations that offers its Porters fair pay. Porters in other organisations are often solely dependent on the tips of the travellers. This is the most important reason that War Child will not work with any other organisation. You can find an overview (in Dutch) of the costs here: Kili-Challenge costs.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with War Child - Kili-Challenge

Helping thousands of children affected by war

Photo: Eric, Kili-Challenge participant

What we offer our participants

  • A weekend in the Belgian Ardennes to help you get in shape
  • An experienced and certified Dutch expedition leader, who will guide the group to the top and take care of medical checks
  • A local guide for every two participants
  • Your own toilet facilities to prevent common stomach flu
  • Quality food and other provisions during the expedition
  • Medical supplies, emergency oxygen and a satellite phone in case of emergencies
  • A longer route which will allow you to get used to the heights. Due to permits extra days in the national park are expensive, but it will be worth your trouble. Mountain Network has a higher than average success rate of participants reaching the summit (around 90%) and a lower than average rate of participants suffering from altitude sickness.

Reaching the summit

All in all our approach will lead to better chances of reaching the summit, fewer cases of altitude sickness - and fair pay and working conditions for the local guides and porters.

In addition to the costs mentioned, we challenge you to collect at least € 2,400 from funds. Even though this isn't an easy task, all previous participants have been able to do so. Of course we will support you with promotional material, personal coaching and a fundraising workshop.

Do you have specific questions about the trip, expedition and/or any (physical) requirements? Please reach out to Mountain Network at