Through the eyes of Yasmin and Kareem

What’s it like to flee from violence? To leave without saying goodbye to your friends and family? To find yourself in a totally strange country? Yasmin (8) and Kareem (11) know all about it. They are two Syrian children who fled to Lebanon and now participate in War Child’s programme in Beirut. In the coming weeks we will share daily updates from Yasmin and Kareem on Twitter and Facebook. Hear their stories as they unfold. Follow the experiences of a child refugee from close by.




4 sep : Hey you! I am Yasmin. And 8 years old. First time in my life that I go to school.5 sep : Hi, I am Kareem, 11 years old. This is a picture of me at War Child's place where I go every day.
4 sep : I didn't know the letters but now I do. I love school and I want to learn more. Also it is really nice to come here and see friends.5 sep : 8 months ago I came to Lebanon.We left our house in Damascus almost a year earlier. To Hama.The situation was so bad we had to flee

4 sep : Here you can see me with my friends at the safe learning space of War Child.

5 sep : my mum was scared.I had to take care of her. I'm the only man in the house.I have 5 sisters. It's quite a big responsibility for me.

5 sep : War Child place is only place I go to. For the rest my parents and my little brother - he is 5 - are at home & we don't go out.5 sep : No one can live outside their country. I really want to go home.
5 sep : at home I play a little, watch television and study. I also teach my brother what I learn at school. At home I am the teacher :)6 sep :we stay at my father's place in Lebanon.He has lived here for the past 20 years, working in construction.I only saw him twice a year
6 sep : I used to live in Aleppo. That is in Syria. I really miss my home there. I had a beautiful room. That I shared with my brother. 6 sep :now we live with my father again, but he works all the time so I don't see him much.

6 sep : here, I have drawn my home in Aleppo. Do you like it?

6 sep :we're like an army in the place we live. 30 people in 3 rooms. It is really crowded. More family members from Syria want to come.

9 sep : we had to leave our home in Aleppo a few months ago. My mum was always scared when we heard the sounds of planes like   a year ago.

9 sep : As soon as you could hear planes, my mum would pull us into the living room. We stayed together. All the time

11 sep : I remember that one day. My mum and I went out to buy something. Then the planes started to bomb.

11 sep : Because of the explosions a lot of stones were flying around in the air. There were loud sounds and I lost my mum in the chaos.

11 sep : It took so long before I found my mum again. My heart was beating really fast. I got scared.

12 sep : my home in Aleppo was near a hospital. After the bombs we could see people coming to the hospital.

12 sep : I saw people without arms and legs. I saw a lot of blood. Sometimes I didn't want to watch but I was curious and then I did.

12 sep : My daddy also got injured. It could have been serious but he is ok. Only when he walks a lot it starts to hurt him.

13 sep : I think a lot about all the things that happened. And are happening now in Syria.

18 sep : Look at this photo! Made when I got a cake at War Child's place because of my birthday :) Yammy!

18 sep : Last year in Syria I had such a nice party. It was just before the war started. I danced at my grandparent's house.

18 sep : I didn't know what it would be like this year.Here in Lebanon.But it was nice.There was a cake at home and the neighbor came.

18 sep : My mum asked me to dance, but I was shy and I didn't do it. I would do it when I am alone with my parents but not with others.

19 sep : My brother is still home all day. Watching television. Sometimes we play together, sometimes we fight. Like today.

20 sep : Today I spoke to my grandmother. We talk to her once a week. She hopes the situation in Syria is soon getting better.

23 sep : in Syria I always played with my cousin Hana. We are same age but I am taller. Her house in Syria is destroyed.

23 sep : My cousin Hana and I used to play kidnap. We played next to my grandfather on the road. He sold yoghurt on the road.

23 sep : I don't speak to Hana. Phoning is expensive. So I hear the stories via my grandma.

23 sep : I have made some new friends. Aya & Aline. And some cousins are here. And there came a new girl in my neighbourhood. That is nice!

10 sep : My mother and sisters stayed inside and I had to go out on the street and stand with the men. It was really scary.

16 sep : I miss my cousin. We used to play in our nice garden. With a fountain in the middle.

16 sep : During summer months in Syria I worked in shoe factory,making leather. My salary was 10 euro's per week. A great help for us.

17 sep : Later I would like to be an airplane engineer. I have never been in a plane but I saw a big one flying through the sky. I loved it!