Frequently Asked Questions

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What does War Child Holland do?

War Child is committed to improving the lives of thousands of children affected by armed conflict. We help children cope with their experiences, support them to build their confidence, and feel comfortable interacting with other people again. We ensure that children affected by conflict learn how to read, write, do basic math, and acquire skills to earn a living. In all of our activities, War Child provides children with a safe environment where they can come to terms with their experiences, and start building a more stable and peaceful future for themselves, and for others. This is what we do all around the world: from Colombia to Afghanistan. We don’t do this because we enjoy it, we do this because these are the rights of all children.  

Where does War Child work?

War Child has programmes in Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, occupied Palestinian territory, Lebanon, Netherlands, Republic of Sudan, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, and Uganda. Learn more

How many children does War Child reach?

In 2015 260,225 children actively participated in War Child’s programmes in 11 conflict affected areas.

How can I be involved?

War Child can use all the support we can get—including yours.

•    Become a Friend. Set up a monthly direct-deposit from your bank account to War Child.
•    Get your company involved. Become our partner.
•    Use your social networks to spread our message. Add War Child to your profile on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. And don’t forget to spread the message in the real world as well. No child should be part of war . Ever.

How can I contact War Child?

You can send us an email at, or give us a call on +31 20-422-7777. 

Where does my contribution go?

Your contribution goes to children. The largest amount possible of donations we receive, are spend on our programmes for children affected by conflict. Our unique and engaging approach focuses on the inner strength of children. We support children to identify and build on that strength, enabling them to shape their own future by:
•    Providing psychosocial support to help children cope with their experiences;
•    Providing formal and non-formal education that enables children to build their own futures;
•    Protecting children from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect.
You can find out exactly how much we spent on our projects in our annual report.

How much money does War Child spend on fundraising?

War Child is accredited by the Dutch CBF organisation for transparency and good governance mark for charities. In their guidelines is taken up that, amongst others, we cannot spend more than 25% of our own fundraising income on fundraising activities. War Child expenditure is under this percentage. Our total expenditure in 2015 was €27,4 million. The majority of these funds - €23,2 million - were spent on projects to benefit conflict-affected children. €2,8 million was spent on fundraising, €1,4 million on organisational costs.

Is the creative approach effective?

Children, their parents, and teachers say yes. So do programme evaluations, and research. As a result of their participation in creative activities, children are better able to deal with their emotions, their self-confidence improves, they learn to cooperate with others, and they can enjoy themselves again. Go the publication page to download and read War Child's evaluation reports

Can I read War Child’s annual report?

Yes. Read or download the 2015 annual report via

How does War Child receive its funding?

War Child is able to implement its programmes thanks to 95.000 structural private donors in the Netherlands. Schools, clubs, and individuals raise money by organising events. Companies also donate to War Child, or become sponsors by providing services and products for free. In addition, War Child receives support from the National Postcode Lottery, and a number of foundations. War Child also receives a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How does War Child handle my complaint?
You can download the Complaints Regulation here

Can I donate clothes, stuffed animals, or food to War Child?

War Child does not send any goods to conflict-affected areas. Our speciality is providing psychosocial support, education, and protection to children and young people affected by armed conflicts.

Can I work at War Child?

Check our latest vacancies for paid positions, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

Where can I find press releases?

Click here

Does War Child have a code of conduct?

Yes, you can find it here.