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Thank you for coming to the ‘Innovation Exchange’ on December 8th, 2015, at TNO in The Hague! A diverse crowd from NGO’s, companies, startups, knowledge institutes and ministries shared their experiences at the ‘Innovation Exchange’ event. The event received great interest from 100 innovators in the field of humanitarian aid, development and businesses.

Below you’ll find the presentations on the different themes, some links for further reading and an image impression of the day.

Presentations on themes:

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1. Cross-sector collaboration
2. Innovation within organisations
3. The use of creatieve technology
4. Scaling humanitarian innovation
5. Child and youth participation

An impression of this day:

The Innovation Exchange

Links to further reading and articles of Deloitte:

Broader World Humanitarian Summit reports:

Here are some resources from another unit within Deloitte Social Impact Practice called Monitor Institute:

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