Meet Sadeen and Aisha (17)

Two young refugee women with the same mission - to make their voice heard in their communities.

"Success stories are born from people facing challenges and managing to overcome them. We are those people."

What we do

The War Child office in Jordan was established in early 2013 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. We work to give children the opportunity to reclaim their childhood and build a brighter future.

We also support parents and caregivers to promote wellbeing and learning at home. Unlike typical caregiver interventions, we first help parents reduce and deal with stress. This way, they can make use of the parenting skills they already possess.

Inside our network of ‘Safe Spaces’ children from all communities can play, learn and ultimately grow into the adults they want to be. Our child protection, education, psychosocial support and youth empowerment programmes support this journey.

Our projects

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Where we work

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  • Can’t Wait to Learn

    Amman, Zarqa, Shobak, Mafraq and Irbid
    Our award-winning EdTech programme sees children in conflict-affected regions across Jordan gain recognised qualifications while developing life skills - aided by a new e-learning platform. Learn more.

  • Nurturing Families

    Hashmi area, Amman
    Still in the early research stages, this groundbreaking intervention sets out to strengthen family support systems by looking at the broader environment in which a child lives. Take the tour.

  • Early Childhood Education and Development

    Multiple locations across Jordan
    Evidence shows that early childhood (0-6 years) is a crucial period for physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. This project seeks to provide a supportive environment for vulnerable and displaced children during these years.

  • Coming Together to Prevent and Respond to Child Labour and Child Marriage

    Jordan is host to 1.3 million refugees - resulting in multiple protection challenges. Through education, case management and the inclusion of children in national decision making - all supported by a network of local partners - we work to address these challenges.

  • School Readiness Program

    Emirati Jordanian, Azraq and Zaatari Refugee Camps
    Getting refugee children ready to enter primary school and further education amidst the added challenge of COVID-19. Combines emergency education, child protection and psychosocial support for enhanced effect.

  • Youth Spokesperson

    Zaatari Refugee Camp
    Working with 30 Syrian refugee youth (aged 16-26) to launch four community-based initiatives on issues that affect their daily lives - weak internet coverage in camp, inaccessible roads, inaccessible shelters and lack of awareness about people with disabilities.

Our partners in Jordan

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Collateral Repair Project

Where some have the knowledge, others have the reach - we work closely with this trusted community powerhouse to co-create our Nurturing Families intervention.

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In immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis, UNICEF freed up vital funds for our accelerated education programme.

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Farah AlZubi is our Partnerships, Quality and Development Manager in Jordan. Interested in collaborating or have a specific question? Please reach out below.