Kareem misses Syria every day

When Kareem was eleven years old, he and his mother and four sisters fled from Syria. “I can’t forget the horrible things I have seen. The people that were murdered.” Now he lives in Lebanon where he joins the War Child program. “I can talk about my experiences in Syria and finally I am able to make friends again.”

Kareem and his family, and almost a million others, have fled from Syria because of the war. And every day another hundred people make the journey. Almost 50 percent of these refugees are children. “The situation was too dangerous,” Kareem says. “I saw several people being murdered. I want the war to stop. War is wrong. They should find a solution where both of the parties meet”. 

Kareem’s friend Reed is still in Syria. They talked three times since he fled. “She gave me a black bracelet when I left. I wear it every day. I don’t know if we’ll ever be together again. No one can say.” Kareem finds it hard to live in another country. “I miss Syria every day”.

Safe Space
Kareem visits War Child’s Safe Space in Lebanon very often. It’s a safe place where children receive psychosocial support to overcome their fears, develop confidence and find a way to deal with their experiences. But also to make friends. “When I first arrived at the War Child Center, I was feeling shy and wasn’t feeling that comfortable. But now, it feels like my second home.”  

New friends
Through creative workshops Kareem is finding a way to deal with his experiences. The theater plays that he and his friend put on are a good example. Creative methods make it easier to talk about experiences. Kareem is very happy. “I improved especially when it comes to my attitude within the group. I’m able to make friends again”.

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