Learning to Count by Playing on Tablets

War Child operates e-learning programmes in Sudan to help children learn in environments where formal education can’t take place. Find out how seven-year-old Ma’ab is learning maths through playing an educational game

Seven-year-old Ma'ab is one of six hundred children in Sudan who participated in an innovative educational project operated by War Child and its partners. E-Learning Sudan (e-LS) enables children and young people like Ma’ab to learn maths through a tablet-based computer game.

Ma'ab sits together with children from her village in a simple hut to take part in the project. With her headphones on, Ma’ab quickly shows us how the game works on her tablet. "You slide the greatest value to this side, and then the smallest number to the other side," she explains.

Learning made fun

The game enables children to learn counting and arithmetic in a fun, creative way. What’s more, even children who never learned to read or write can participate, as the game includes tutorials presented by Sudanese children.

Local community facilitator Bashir believes the project is beneficial, not least because the whole village community was closely involved in its implementation. "The children did not know how to deal with a computer at first but they picked up on it very quickly. Now they are very good at it," he said.

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