Maryam is making new friends again

Along with her family, Maryam fled from Syria when their house was bombed. She didn’t only lose all of her belongings, she also lost her friends. “I lost everything when I came here, I’ve got nothing left,” she says. But now she regularly visits a War Child Safe Space where she can find ways, such as participating in theatre, to help her deal with her experiences.

When a bomb destroyed their house, 12-year old Maryam fled to Lebanon. “I saw it happen. I saw how everything was destroyed. My house, my stuff, my clothes and my city.” Aleppo was a wealthy town, and they had a beautiful house. “Now we’re forced to live in a small house outside Beirut. We sleep with the five of us on the ground in one room”.

“My father fled to Turkey. We haven’t heard from him since. I love him and I miss him. I haven’t seen him since the war began.”

A new start in Lebanon
Since Maryam lives in Lebanon, she’s not going to school. Without her father, her friends and her school, this strange city is hard to get used to. Luckily she can visit a War Child Safe Space a few days a week. A safe and friendly place where she can deal with her experiences, make new friends and receive an education. “The first time I was very nervous, but after a short time I made new friends.”

Along with the other girls between seven and fourteen years of age, Maryam participates in theater and talks about her experiences. A lot of the girls experienced horrible things. By performing theater they learn to develop confidence in themselves and others.

“I made a lot of new friends here,” Maryam says. “We help each other and play together.” Maryam can be a child again. Like she was in Syria, before the war started.

With only a small donation, you can help War Child support Maryam and other Syrian refugee children to deal with their experiences and regain their childhoods. Donate now!