Games for Change nominates Can’t Wait to Learn

June 5, 2019

Can't Wait to Learn - Uganda - War Child
The annual Games For Change festival celebrates technological innovations that contribute to social good. The festival takes place this month in New York - and our transformative education programme Can’t Wait to Learn is nominated for two major awards.

Celebrating technical innovation for social good

Leading figures from the worlds of technology, education and the humanitarian sector will converge on New York later this month for the 16th annual Games For Change (G4C) festival. The event celebrates technical innovation in service of social good - and our programme Can’t Wait to Learn will enjoy a significant presence.

Can’t Wait to Learn utilises gaming technology to deliver quality education - anywhere children are denied their right to learn. The programme offers children affected by conflict the opportunity to (continue to) learn to read and do basic maths through playing educational games played on tablet devices.

Can't Wait to Learn - Uganda - War Child

Learning through playing educational games

Photo: War Child

Laila benefits from Can't Wait to Learn tablet education in Lebanon so she can continue learning despite the coronacrisis

Can’t Wait to Learn utilises gaming technology to deliver quality education

Photo: War Child

Can't Wait to Learn in Uganda

Can’t Wait to Learn is currently active in four countries - including Uganda where some 300,000 refugee children currently have no access to formal education. Participating children in Uganda learn to read and count through game content based on official educational curricula - serving to forge a potential pathway back into the formal school system.

Awards Recognition

The annual G4C Awards celebrate the year’s best social impact and learning games - and Can’t Wait to Learn Uganda is nominated for two awards. The nominations are in the ‘Most Significant Impact’ and ‘Best Learning Game’ categories - the second of which is decided by public vote.

These nominations represent further welcome recognition for Can’t Wait to Learn. This year also saw the programme receive the prestigious 'King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize on Innovation in Education' from UNESCO in recognition of its success in improving access to education through ICT.

The G4C Awards take place from June 17 to 19 - and you can follow the event on social media using the #G4C19 hashtag.