Can't Wait To Learn selected for Humanitarian Education Accelerator

Our innovative education programme for children in conflict, Can’t Wait to Learn (CWTL), is 1 out of 3 projects worldwide chosen to join the Humanitarian Education Accelerator programme (HEA), led by UNICEF, UNHCR and DFID.
29 September 2016

This means that Can’t Wait to Learn will be given tailored mentorship and support from 2016 – end 2018 as the programme grows and scales up in three countries and beyond. Can’t Wait to Learn offers quality education to children in conflict. They learn by playing custom-made educational games on tablets. No matter where they are. The Humanitarian Education Accelerator selected three innovative projects to improve learning for children in crisis situations, because refugees have more immediate needs than just food, shelter, and clothing. Education is crucial, but is often overlooked.

Education is fundamental
Quality education builds relevant skills and knowledge that enable refugees to live healthy, productive lives and develop self-reliance. The average duration of displacement is now 20 years, so education needs to be a fundamental component of humanitarian assistance, according to the HEA.

New initiatives
At the launch of the HEA in September 2016, Cynthia McCaffrey (Director, Office of Innovation at UNICEF) said: “The Humanitarian Education Accelerator provides a platform to scale promising initiatives that will improve learning outcomes for children, especially those made more vulnerable by crisis. By investing in new ways to enhance access to education we aim to provide learning opportunities, in a sustainable way, to those children who are hardest to reach because they have been forced to flee from their homes and everything they know.”

Improve further
In the next two years, the Humanitarian Education Accelerator will help the three selected projects to improve how they measure, evaluate, and scale their impact. It will also enlist expertise from external evaluators to gather evidence on the factors that enable or prevent projects from expanding in different contexts.

Can't Wait to Learn is a collaboration between War Child, Ahfad University for Women, TNO, Butterfly Works, Ministries of Education in Sudan and the Middle East and UNICEF, and financed by the Dream Fund of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery and the IKEA Foundation.

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