This afternoon Marco Borsato announced that Michaela DePrince (21) will be his new colleague at the War Child ambassador team. Michaela is a Sierra Leonean-American ballet dancer and has been dancing for the Dutch National Ballet since 2013. “War Child is incredibly proud to have Michaela as a new ambassador”, said Marco.
03 February 2016

Michaela: “My goal is to help war children all over the world. I know from firsthand experience what war does to children. I would like to show them that they are not alone. Luckily I have had a lot of chances in my life. Therefore I am really grateful. Now I would like to help by giving something back.” 

In the coming years War Child wants to help even more children in the countries where they are active. War Child’s work is more needed now than ever before. Almost 250 million children live and grow up in war zones. The ambassadors have a priceless value in creating attention for War Child’s work. 

Marco has already been a War Child ambassador for 18 years. Marco: “I am delighted that Michaela is joining the team. With her international status we can show the urgency of our work to the rest of the world even better. With her help I would like to convince everyone of War Child’s successful approach.

Michaela grew up as an orphan in Sierra Leone during the civil war. On the age of four she was adopted by the American couple DePrince. There she started her promising ballet career. Currently Michaela is dancing for the Dutch National Ballet. Michaela would like to be a role model for (dark) dancers and she would like to open a dancing school in Sierra Leone.