Syrian Children Speak Up for their Rights

Syria’s civil war is now in its fourth year - and the conflict is having a devastating impact on children and young people. War Child Holland has given a platform to Syrian children to share their perspectives and demands for a normal life. Here are their powerful words and pictures…
15 September 2014

The rights of children should be upheld in times of both war and peace - but the reality for Syrian children is very different. Violence, displacement and the daily experience of living in fear means that they are denied many basic rights. The four million Syrian children affected by the conflict also face an uncertain future.

War Child has launched a powerful new booklet highlighting Syrian children’s own perspectives on their daily situation. The booklet brings together drawings, stories and quotes from the children themselves and highlights their demands for a better future.

Five key rights
The project has seen Syrian children identify the five key rights that they consider most important - rights many of us take for granted but which they are currently denied. These are the right to protection, education, healthcare, nutrition and play.

More than 80% of the Syrian children who spoke to War Child stated that protection and safety were their most urgent concerns. Children want a safe place to learn and play and to be at home with their families. Yet the constant threat of violence has led to many of these children being forced from their homes and at risk of exploitation.

War Child Holland has been actively responding to the emergency crisis in Syria since early 2012.

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