occupied Palestinian territories

Working to protect children from abuse and uphold their fundamental rights.

Facts and figures

- Three projects
- 800,000 children affected by conflict
- 8,214 total participants

What is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories?

In the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) political tensions frequently result in outbreaks of violence. And this situation has worsened still further in recent months.

In March 2018 mass demonstrations along Israel’s perimeter fence with Gaza were met with violence by the Israeli security forces - with 31 Palestinian children killed and more than 3,000 children injured. Further violence and unrest followed the contested opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem in May 2018.

In Gaza access to food, water, electricity and basic necessities are regularly disrupted as a result of the 10-year blockade. Experts fear the withdrawal of up to $500 million in US funding may place Gaza on the brink of collapse. Ongoing settlement construction in the West Bank has seen many Palestinian families lose their homes - further fuelling tensions in the area.

The number of people in urgent need is rising and humanitarian organisations - faced with a severe funding shortage - are struggling to support them. Children in Gaza are particularly vulnerable following several armed conflicts. The 2014 conflict with Israel alone saw more than 1,400 Palestinian fatalities - including 551 children - as well as six Israeli deaths.

Children in both Gaza and the West Bank grow up with the threat of violence - both at home and at school. Basic child rights are also frequently violated - the military arrest and detention of children as young as 12 is disturbingly common.


In our programmes, children in the occupied Palestinian territories can learn and play safely

Photo: War Child

“We were not able to leave our home and move to a safer place. I felt very scared when I heard the sounds of missiles, planes and bombings - it felt like there were monsters and goblins around me and I couldn’t sleep."
Ahmad from Gaza

What we do

War Child works in oPt to protect children like Rami from harm and support their psychosocial wellbeing. We set up safe play and recreation spaces. We train community members to provide children using these spaces with vital life skills and psychosocial support.

We also support families and caregivers to cope with the stress of living with the effects of violence and occupation. We work to boost their ability to provide healthy family environments that help to reduce the impact of conflict on children.

War Child works to teach children and the people who care for them about their rights and responsibilities under international laws and conventions to which Israel and the Palestinian Authority are both signatories. And when we see that children’s rights are violated - no matter by whom - we speak out.