Sanaa's story

Sanaa (12) lives with her parents, three sisters and two brothers in her grandmother’s house in one of the eight Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza. She didn’t knew what the future would bring for her until her father came up with the You Lead project. Everything then changed.

“My father is unemployed, and so it my mother,” Sanaa explains, “My family depends on the humanitarian aid provided by UNRWA.” She didn’t have much opportunities until her father told her about the “You Lead”  program.

A great opportunity
Before becoming involved in the You Lead project, Sanaa spent much of her free time at home, “watching cartoon movies like Tom and Jerry and reading Barbie stories,” she said.  But when Sanaa’s father heard about You Lead through a local organization, he thought it would be a good opportunity for his daughter. 

Feeling good and making friends

When Sanaa first joined the activities, “she was very shy, she didn’t speak with anyone during the first session,” remembers Sara, the Youth Leader facilitating activities for Sanaa’s group, “But after I encouraged her to participate in one of the I DEAL exercises where the children have to introduce themselves to each other, she started to feel comfortable.”

Although shy at the beginning, Sanaa now actively participates in the You Lead project. She likes the activities because, “the facilitator gives me a chance to express my opinion and because I met new friends,” she said.

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