Our approach

War Child believes that children and young people should play an active role in defining the future. Not only for themselves but also for their communities. Children and young people are creative and have the ability and skills to shape their lives and cope with adversity, even when they have experienced armed conflict.

Copyright: Geert Snoeijer

Three principles form the basis for War Child’s work:

  1. Creativity
    Drama, visual arts, music, dance, sports and games, social media and ICT stimulate children’s creative skills. Creative activities connect to the world of children. They provide instant fun, generate positive energy, and give children and young people new skills that they can be proud of. Creative activities are an ideal outlet for emotions. Children and young people learn to overcome their fears, develop confidence and find a way to express themselves freely. Creativity can break down ethnic, religious and gender barriers.

    Our War Child ICT and Media infographic illustrates how we use ICT and media as creative means in projects.

  2. Participation and inclusion
    All children and young people, including the most vulnerable, have the right to express their views freely and have those views taken into account. In War Child’s programming, they actively influence decision-making, and the design and implementation of our projects and activities. The meaningful participation of all children is not only a right, but also a necessity for the successful implementation of our projects.

  3. Conflict sensitivity
    War Child ensures its own actions and behaviours do not negatively influence a conflict.  In order to maintain neutrality, War Child analyses the parties to a conflict, and chooses the target groups and locations for projects with the utmost care. The content of War Child’s projects are adapted depending on the conflict context (political, economic or social), and the effect of the conflict on children. The geographical areas of a given conflict influence decisions on project locations.