Peace beyond fear

Lebanese young people themselves are working to develop a culture of peace and acceptance. Sixty young people from various political, geographical and sectarian backgrounds (Christian, Druze, Sunni, and Shi’ite) have established 15 Youth Peace Clubs all over Lebanon.

The ‘Peace Beyond Fear’ project empowers young people to become agents of change in Lebanese society. Working with fifteen Peace Youth Clubs throughout Lebanon, the project aims to raise public awareness about the need to replace Lebanon’s culture of violence with a culture of peace, while reaching out to decision makers.

Youth Club members participate in workshops to learn about conflict prevention and peace building, their local cultural heritage, leadership, and communication skills. Based on what they have learned, the young people a message of change and work with Zoukak Theater Company to design a theatre performance around that message.

The performances, given fifty-four times throughout the country, are used to stimulate intergenerational dialogue sessions. The sessions address the different perspectives on Lebanon’s conflict history and Lebanese identity, and explore how to move from a culture of violence to a sustainable peace. These dialogues are supported by thirty-five events that promote peace and understanding by bringing communities together in activities such as cooking, painting, and concerts.

Funded by the Liberty Foundation, the Peace Beyond Fear project is implemented in cooperation with the Sustainable Democracy Center and Zoukak Theater Company and Cultural Association (Zoukak).
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