Protracted Crisis

This project is part of a broader programme which aims to bring stability to the Great Lakes Region of Africa. The project is also being implemented in Burundi and DRC.

This project aims to enhance the capacity of young people in northern Uganda to gain access to employment through non-formal education and vocational training.

The project works to provide young people with access to skills, materials, capital and facilities, all of which will enhance their potential to enter the labour market or become self-employed. The capacity of non-state actors to provide appropriate non-formal skills training to young people is also enhanced. Project activities include the ‘DEALS’ life-skills courses, literacy and numeracy classes, agronomy and horticulture training and improved coaching and mentoring through apprenticeship providers. 

Locations: four sub counties of Alebtong and Otuke Districts Uganda – Lango (northern Uganda)
Implemented by: War Child Holland
Funding: Ministry of Foreign Affairs