Evidence-based methodology

The Can’t Wait to Learn programme methodology is backed by evidence and research. The programme has been grounded in research since its inception. Can’t Wait to Learn builds on a small-scale concept that has been trialled as e-Learning Sudan.

Positive results

The scaled trial of the pilot programme in Sudan demonstrated positive results and showed that:

  • Children learn significantly from the game, with those who know the least learning the most.
  • The game promotes a gender-balanced learning experience, which stimulates and retains the engagement of boys and girls equally.
  • There is a measurable positive effect on self-esteem experienced by children engaged in the programme.
Children in South Sudan receive tablet education with Can't Wait to Learn from War Child

Photo: War Child

Can't Wait to Learn provides tablet education to continue learning remotely where schools are not accessible War Child

Photo: War Child

Effective outcomes

Can’t Wait to Learn has been shown to be as effective in supporting the attainment of learning outcomes as traditional education approaches, when measured using EGMA (Early Grade Mathematics Assessment - a conceptual framework based on mathematics skills development in children) criteria.

Expanding Can't Wait to Learn

Thanks to significant testing and refinement of Can’t Wait to Learn processes in Sudan, we've been able to successfully implement the innovative programme in other countries as well. Discover how we close the education gap through technology in Uganda, Lebanon and Jordan.