On a journey to scale

Our ambition is to see Can't Wait to Learn widely adopted to provide quality education to conflict-affected children anywhere in the world. We will work to ensure that all learning materials can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to any refugee context - whether Africa or the Middle East.

How technology, gaming and research leads to quality education for children in conflict

We have the ambition to reach 170,000 children through direct programme implementation by 2020 - but our ambitions don’t end there. We aim to support the incorporation Can’t Wait to Learn’s methodology into a significant proportion of Education in Emergency programmes globally by 2023. This will see the development of replicable methods of implementation that can be adopted by Ministries of Education, non-profits and local partner organisations worldwide.

These goals are ambitious - but the future of an entire generation of children is at stake. Because children anywhere can’t wait to learn any longer.

Scaling up and improving learning outcomes

In ‘Journeys to Scale’, a report by the Center for Education Innovations and UNICEF, you can read more about Can’t Wait to Learn’s potential to close the education gap for conflict affected children and scale up. Read more about how Can't Wait to Learn manages the challenges of scale-up here.

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