The story of Yara

Yara (11) is on the run for the violence in Syria. With her parents and three brothers, she crossed the border with Lebanon. They live and sleep in one room.

In the northern Lebanese neighborhoods where many refugees live, there is a lack of drinking water, fuel and electricity. Being so close to the dangerous frontier, Yara cannot play outside. In her self-built plastic tent Yara tries to escape the stress and uncertainty. She says: "I play with my brothers in the tent. But I miss my cousins and my grandmother and neighbors. I'm afraid I'll never see them back.” These are great concerns for a girl of eleven years old.

Child Friendly Spaces
Yara can go to the so-called Child Friendly Spaces that War Child has set up throughout northern Lebanon, close to the Syrian border. There she can make new friends, play sports and gets psychosocial support. In various workshops she learns to deal with her emotions expresses her feelings and learns to cope with her experiences. Yara’s parents are also included to support her in the processes.

A bit of extra help
In addition War Child organises extra lessons and courses, so Yara can catch up with her schoolwork and won’t get isolated. Hopefully, Yara will be able to return to her school in Syria.

For safety reasons the name of the girl has been altered.