Open Call for Expression of Interest for Supply of computer tablets and Accessories

Reference: NL-HO-0012

Framework Arrangement


Stichting War Child Holland (War Child) is a non-governmental organisation, investing in a peaceful future for children affected by armed conflict by focusing on education, psychosocial support and enhanced protection. War Child operates in 13 countries around the world. Our Head Office is based in Amsterdam. You can find more details about our work on

Worldwide, more than 35 million children are denied schooling due to conflict. For some of these children, war in their own countries has destroyed the education system. Others have been forced to flee, and have no access to education as refugees. For these children, War Child Holland, together with local and international partners, has developed an innovative education method: Can’t Wait to Learn.

All too often in areas affected by conflict, traditional education cannot happen. Classrooms are unavailable, inaccessible, and can be dangerous. Teachers lack quality training and support. Government education budgets are often insufficient. In the meantime, a generation of children, eager to learn, miss out on education. Even though traditional education cannot happen, meaningful and impactful education cannot wait. Education builds the capacities of children, parents, teachers and community members to cope with conflict - and to help prevent conflict in the future. Education is vital to breaking cycles of poverty and instability, and empowers future parents and leaders.

Can’t Wait to Learn is unique in that children can learn in their own community, even when there are no teachers. Children learn by playing serious educational games on tablet computers. The game itself includes instruction, practice, and a learning management system.

Can’t Wait to Learn aims to support and supplement the traditional education model in conflict-affected areas in the short term, without displacing it in the long term.

An important part of reaching this goal, will be to ensure access to adequate, quality technology hardware such as computer tablets.

Purpose and scope

The purpose of this Call is to solicit competitive proposals and to create a framework register of selected suppliers for delivery of Computer tablets and accessories.

The Framework Agreement (FWA) will define commercial conditions between War Child and the supplier, applicable to the purchase of computer tablets and accessories for a period of 12 months with an option to extend up to 24 months, subject to satisfactory performance of supplier and availability of funding.

How to apply

This opportunity is open to all qualified companies. Interested parties are advised to contact War Child at to obtain the Prequalification Questionnaire.

Submission deadline

The deadline for submission of Expression of Interest through the Prequalification Questionnaire has been extended from February 24th, 2020 to March 10th, 2020 at 12:00 pm Local time of the Netherlands. Late submissions will not be accepted.