Narrowly escaping rebel violence at home, Nelson became one of 854,000 children seeking refuge in Uganda. Despite the relative peace around him, war still consumed his thoughts. Then, he found TeamUp and a refuge in dance...

“I’ve learned that fighting is not a solution.”

What we do

We work to protect and support children and young people across Uganda through projects designed to improve their psychosocial wellbeing.

This approach - coupled with our education activities - enables children to develop coping skills, build their resilience and recover from the consequences of conflict.

Our global Can’t Wait to Learn programme sees children gain recognised qualifications by playing educational games on tablet devices. This innovative and flexible format ensures children from both refugee and host communities can work towards a brighter future.

Our projects

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Where we work

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    Nakivale, Kyaka II, Kyangwali, Imvepi & Rhino
    This major consortium-led ECHO-funded programme responds to the urgent educational needs of refugee and host-community children in five refugee settlements. Phase 2 also addresses COVID-19 related barriers to education.


    Kyaka, Kyangwali & Impevi Refugee Settlements
    Access, Protection, Empowerment, Accountability and Leadership for refugee and host children - this is APEAL’s ambition in a nutshell. A consortium project led by CARE and implemented with the support of six local partners.

  • Mental Health for All

    Rhino, Omugo, Bidibidi & Palorinya Refugee Settlements
    Building the resilience of school children and supporting vulnerable teachers and caregivers in dealing with mental health problems through a comprehensive set of psychosocial support services.

  • Can’t Wait to Learn

    Impevi and Rhino Refugee Settlements
    Co-created by local children and based on the Ugandan curriculum, a set of tablet-based e-learning games to fill the gap in formal education for conflict-affected children across the West Nile. Learn more ->

  • PlayMatters: Sparking Lifelong Learning

    Refugee settlements across Uganda
    Currently being rolled out across Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania, this $100 Million consortium project is on a mission to reimagine childhood for some 800,000 refugee children.

  • Industrial Training for Refugees and Host Communities

    West Nile
    Focused on supporting technical and vocational training (TVET) institutions to integrate digital technology and social and emotional learning into their curriculum, this consortium-led project goes to the heart of communities to boost youth employment opportunities.


    Kyegegwa District
    Using this community-driven approach, we aim to reduce the stigmatisation and exclusion of children and ultimately widen access to vital services including health care and education. Take the tour

  • TeamUp

    Arua and Yumbe Districts

    Embedded in several of our consortium programmes, we are currently conducting a large-scale evaluation of this movement-based intervention and preparing it for rapid scale up. Take the tour

  • EdTech in Emergencies - A Force for Change

    South West Uganda
    Can’t Wait to Learn has joined forces with the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) to research how EdTech innovations can be adapted and scaled to change the face of education in emergencies. Read more

  • Community Case Detection Tool

    West Nile
    Currently being tested across the region, this simple, low-cost innovation is designed to help trusted community members identify children in need of mental health care and refer them to available services. Find out more

  • DRA Innovation Fund

    Refugee settlements across Uganda
    Through its Innovation Fund, the Dutch Relief Alliance supports the work of three national organisations inside Uganda - CEFORE, CECORE and ThinKIT. As a partner of these organisations, we help implement and supervise projects on social cohesion, livelihoods support and the peaceful co-existence of refugee and host youth.

Our partners in Uganda

European Commission partner War Child


The European Commission’s department for overseas humanitarian aid and civil protection provides vital funding for two of our major projects.

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TPO Uganda

With a focus on counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy for children, this rights-based NGO adds a package of key services to our psychosocial support programme.

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Kevin Ndemera is our Country Director in Uganda. Have a question or want to join forces? Please reach out via one of the channels below.