Ukraine Response: Liveblog

Children across Ukraine remain in the midst of armed violence - with thousands fleeing across the border and many more expected to come. Through our emergency response, War Child is providing psychological first aid and protection training to local partners in host countries.
War Child - noodhulpopvang gevluchte Oekraïense kinderen - doneer aan psychosociale hulp

Several million children and families from Ukraine are expected to flee their homeland.

Photo: Petar Masut

30 June 2022:
Ukraine Emergency Response

As the war in Ukraine enters its fifth month, more than five million people have fled seeking refuge in Europe. Nine in ten of these individuals are women and children.

Seeing this enormous need, we launched an emergency response. While we expand this response into Ukraine itself, we are also reaching thousands of children in Moldova, Romania and beyond.

Below is an overview on where we stand, what support we are providing and where:

Infographic of War Child's Ukraine Emergency Response Update with key figures and countries

Ukraine Update - Emergency Response

25 April 2022:
Alex (7) is Building a Paper Army To Defend His People From Attack

Alex will turn eight soon. Yet, due to the war in Ukraine, he's already lived through events that many adults will not have to experience in their lifetime. He wants to be a soldier when he grows up.

When he grows up, Alex from Ukraine wants to be a soldier: “Because then we can win back our land more quickly"

13 April 2022:
“Helping the Helpers” – Inside Our Ukraine Response

Child Protection Specialist Marianna Närhi arrives in Moldova as aid workers warn of an escalating refugee ‘protection crisis’. Alongside a team of War Child experts, she is providing training and guidance to local organisations based on more than 25 years of experience supporting children in war zones.

Child Protection Specialist, Mariana Närhi, standing at the War Child Holland office.

Child Protection Specialist, Marianna, is providing training and guidance to local organisations, alongside a team of War Child experts.

6 April 2022:
First Aid For The Mind: Safeguarding Ukraine’s Refugee Children

War Child is providing protection and psychological first aid to children, parents and caretakers who fled the war in Ukraine. The response is focusing on Moldova which has received more refugees per capita than any other country to date.

Ukranian children play a game with a Pyschological First Aid Worker in a shelter in Moldova.

War Child's Psychological First Aid Team Reaches Moldova

Photo: Michael Jessurun

30 March 2022:
From Ukraine to Moldova - This is Ihor's (15) Story of Resilience

When the war in Ukraine reached his hometown, Ihor (15) and his family packed their bags and fled. Days later, they would arrive in a small village in neighbouring Moldova. As War Child and other humanitarian organisations move in to the country, the local community has banded together to support families. An escape from reality, Ihor spends his days playing Fortnite on the PlayStation. Here, he is the master of his own survival.

Ihor, a teenage boy from Ukraine, stands outside a flat in Moldova, slightly smiling, wearing a hat

Ihor (15) is from Mykolaiv, Ukraine - a once peaceful city that has now become the scene of heavy fighting.

Photo: Michael Jessurun

4 March 2022:
Platon (6) Fled With His Family From Kyiv, Ukraine

“We heard a loud boom and suddenly we all had to get in the car very quickly. After two days in a traffic jam, we got out and walked.” Six-year-old Platon fled the war in Kyiv with his brother, sister and parents. Now, the family are seeking shelter in an empty guesthouse in Romania.

War Child steunt gevluchte kinderen uit Oekraïne - zoals Bogdan. Help mee.


Photo: Petar Masut

2 March 2022:
Moving to Support Children Fleeing Ukraine

War Child is preparing to train local organisations in psychological first aid and other mental health services. To address immediate dangers, we will also lend our expertise in child protection, exploring opportunities to set up War Child ‘Safe Spaces’ in Romania, Moldova and other vulnerable host countries.