War Child Wins International Prize

War Child has been awarded the prestigious Klaus J. Jacobs Best Practice Prize for 2017. In today’s announcement, the Jacobs Foundation praises War Child for its global efforts to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of conflict-affected children.

The Swiss organisation states that the various interventions provided by War Child contribute to improved psychosocial wellbeing of the children taking part. The Jacobs Foundation also emphasises how War Child’s interventions help to increase the emotional resilience of conflict-affected children.

Mark Jordans (War Child head of Research and Development): “War Child is extremely proud of this international acknowledgement. We combine academic research with our daily activities with children, to eventually increase the potential impact as much as possible. Our strength lies in the fact that we create, as well as implement, our programmes ourselves.”

The prize will see War Child receive the significant sum of €200,000. The organisation will spend these funds on research and the continued development of its interventions. War Child has provided psychosocial support to conflict-affected children for more than 20 years.

The award of the Jacobs Best Practice Prize acknowledges the outcomes of War Child’s ‘I DEAL’ programme. This life-skills course sees children learn to express their emotions and process difficult situations through the use of creative methods. The process also sees children build new relationships with their peers, family members and other adults.

War Child combines the ‘I DEAL’ intervention with other methods that help to boost children’s wellbeing and protection. Where necessary, these methods are adjusted to changes in the context of the area where the intervention takes place.

The Jacobs Foundation was founded in 1989 by Swiss entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs to promote research projects, intervention programmes and academic institutes across the world that focus on child and youth development. The Best Practice Prize has been awarded annually since 2009. War Child will receive the prize in Zürich on December 1.

War Child is active in 15 countries, providing psychosocial care, protection and education to hundreds of thousands of conflict-affected children. 

In an interview with the Jacobs Foundation Tjipke Bergsma, Managing Director of War Child Holland, discusses the significance of the prize - and how it will enable War Child to further develop its work.