Providing urgent humanitarian assistance and protection to children living with the effects of armed conflict.

Facts and figures

- One Project
- Four million children affected by conflict
- 15,659 Total Participants

What is happening in Yemen?

The civil war inside Yemen has escalated over the past three years - from an internal conflict into a war between competing regional powers. People in Yemen are exposed to both terrorist attacks by Islamic State and air strikes from Saudi-led coalition forces.

The ongoing conflict has left nearly 19 million people – over two-thirds of the population - in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Millions of people are vulnerable - not only as a consequence of fighting but also due to food and healthcare shortages.

The children of Yemen have suffered most as a result of the conflict. Nearly 5,000 civilians have died as a direct result of the conflict to date - including more than 2,700 children.

The near collapse of public services has left an estimated two million children out of school. Outbreaks of Cholera and Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) are common - representing another fatal risk to children.

What we do

War Child Holland continues to support the work of War Child UK in providing protection and emergency food supplies to displaced and vulnerable children.

War Child has also participated in the international Yemen Joint Response. The initiative - coordinated by the Dutch Relief Alliance - sees six organisations work together to deliver emergency humanitarian assistance inside Yemen.

The Joint Response initiative allows the participating organisations to provide rapid humanitarian assistance to address urgent protection and health needs.