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No child in war

Programming lines

We don't do the work ourselves. We empower children to build their resilience, protect themselves and their peers, and claim their rights. By providing skills, knowledge and opportunity.

Our Approach

Children define their own future. They use their creativity to cope with adversity and to shape their lives. Never on the sideline, but as active participants. Children have a real say in decision-making.


Share, involve, evaluate and be transparent. War Child is constantly improving its accountablity. To partners, donors and sponsor. But foremost: to children.

The impact of conflict on children

When a war sweeps through a child’s life, it can have devastating effects. Children and young people witness or even actively participate in violence, often against their will. During armed conflict many children and young people live in IDP or refugee camps, experience the loss of relatives, and lack structure and daily activities.

Work for War Child

Working for War Child means working for the wellbeing of children in conflict-affected areas, whether in the field, at head office, as a volunteer, or as an intern.

Latest Publications

To create awareness on the plight of children and young people in armed conflict, War Child regulalry publishes reports, stories and news letters. Help us to spread the word.

Meet us

War Child specialists frequently join and organise events, discussions, debates and campaigns. Go to our event page to see the agenda. Meet you there?