Our Care System

The number of children exposed to conflict-related violence is growing - and their needs are becoming increasingly complex and urgent. Innovation is urgently required to meet these varying needs - which is why War Child is developing an integrated suite of interventions to engage with all levels of a child’s life.

Integrated for enhanced effect

Our Care System is made up of ten integrated education, child protection and psychosocial support interventions. These interventions are mutually reinforcing to ensure maximum impact - and supplemented by a range of tools and measures to increase access to care and reduce stigmatisation.

The interventions that make up the Care System range in intensity according to the needs of children and their communities - to ensure all mental healthcare needs are met. Each intervention is also backed by evidence and research - which serves to ensure the highest standards of relevance and quality.

Find out more with our detailed overview of each of the interventions and tools that make up the Care System.

Significant progress has been made in the development and evaluation of the Care System. Can’t Wait to Learn, Team Up, the Community Case Detection Tool, the Caregiver Support Intervention, Early Adolescent Skills for Emotions and the WeAct Tool have been (pilot) evaluated in real-world settings. Four interventions are set to undergo feasibility and pilot research including Community-Driven Child Protection, CORE for Teachers, Family Intervention and STRETCH for Stigma.

While research implementation and data collection is limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are exploring remote modalities where possible.