What is happening?More than 420 million children currently live with the effects of violence and armed conflict - and this number is steadily growing.

In 2018 we supported 216,903 children to regain their right to safety.

War Child

Our work to repair and uphold child protection structures
“These children have been affected by war. They are looking for people that make them feel safe. There is fear in their eyes – but also hope. In that hope we can see their resilience. And that resilience is the way forward."
Melad, War Child Lebanon

A safe space to play for Lulu

Rebuilding the necessary structures

The structures necessary to maintain the safety of children often break down in times of armed conflict - leaving children exposed to risks including violence, abuse and sexual exploitation.

We work to put these structures back together - partnering with communities and official bodies to safeguard the fundamental rights of children and strengthen child protection systems.

Bescherming in Sri Lanka op een veilige plek

Children from one of our programmes in Sri Lanka

Photo: Geert Snoeijer

Bescherming in Soedan op een veilige plek

Refugee children from South Sudan in Uganda

Photo: Rutger Brouwer

Prevention and response

War Child’s child protection programming focuses on prevention and response to abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation of children whose lives are affected by conflict. Our work with individual children utilises a ‘case management’ approach to ensure children receive the appropriate and targeted support they need.

We also work with communities to help establish community-owned structures that serve to uphold the safety of children and young people.