War Child Issues Collaboration Call

April 29, 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Detection which children need psychosocial support with the community case detection tool in Sri Lanka War Child
Innovation is at the core of War Child’s activities in the field of Research and Development. That's why we're looking to collaborate with expert organisations, companies and practitioners for the continued development of three new interventions. Do you or your company have expertise to help push these trajectories forward? Find out how you can get involved...

Our R&D team is working to develop a holistic Care System made up of evidence-based intervention models. This system will increase access to integrated education, protection and psychosocial support for children and communities living with the effects of armed conflict.

Innovation is a key driver of this Care System. New interventions and approaches are urgently required to meet the increasingly complex challenges facing conflict-affected children. And that’s why War Child is taking part in this year’s Call for Proposals issued by the Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Fund (DIF).

The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) is a coalition of 16 Dutch NGOs supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). DRA member organisations - including War Child - have been invited to submit a project plan showcasing innovation and related to the themes ‘Safety’ and ‘Protection’.

War Child is looking to build multi-disciplinary teams of expert practitioners with experience that could contribute to the further development of three of the interventions and enabling trajectories that make up our Care System.

The three proposals are related to stigma reduction, entry to care and community-driven child protection. More information is available in the proposal briefs - which are available to download below.

Stigma Reduction Approach

Entry to Care: The Community Case Detection Tool

Community-Driven Child Protection

Do you have expertise that could contribute to the further development of these interventions and trajectories? Get in touch with your ideas before May 9 to sign up for our brainstorm session - scheduled for the afternoon of either 20, 21 or 22 May (depending on availability). The sessions will be held in the War Child office in Amsterdam.