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Delivering innovative education and vital psychosocial support to refugees and vulnerable children


Jordan has been a haven for refugees from across the Middle East throughout its history. Shortly after gaining independence in 1946, Jordan became home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees. Refugee numbers increased further in the aftermath of the Six Day War in 1967, which saw Israel take control of the West Bank and other disputed territories.

Jordan is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe - and the small Kingdom has sometimes struggled to accommodate the large number of refugees entering the country. This internal pressure has had a negative effect on Jordan’s social and economic stability.

The effects of the conflicts in both neighbouring Syria and Iraq have increased pressures inside Jordan in recent years. Jordan currently hosts some 630,000 Syrian refugees - the second-highest refugee rate per person in the world. The majority of these refugees are children living in poverty who are exposed to a number of threats to their safety. These threats include child labour, forced marriage and violent punishment at home.

What We Do

War Child Holland supports the work of War Child UK inside Jordan. We are responding to the urgent needs of Jordanian children, Syrian child refugees and other vulnerable children with two programmes. Our Can’t Wait to Learn programme provides children otherwise denied access to formal education with vital learning opportunities.

Can’t Wait to Learn aims to develop children’s resilience through their educational journey and prepare them for a positive future. Participating children learn core literacy and numeracy skills by playing curriculum-based educational games (endorsed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education) on tablet devices. The programme operates within the formal school system in Jordan. 

Our second programme inside Jordan - Time to Be a Child - sees War Child establish ‘Safe Spaces’ in sites across Jordan where children can play, learn and develop in peaceful environments. The programme also sees War Child set up child protection structures and provide psychosocial support to parents and other important adults in children’s lives.