Four specific examples of War Child projects demonstrating how our programming lines on psychosocial support, protection and education come together and complement each other in practice.

Time to Be a Child


This project - funded by IKEA Foundation - sees ‘Safe Spaces’ established where vulnerable children can play, learn and develop in peaceful environments. The project is designed to protect Syrian children and vulnerable children within host communities from abuse and exploitation and provide them with the skills and resources to foster their resilience and healthy development.

South Sudan Joint Response 3

South Sudan

Programme to improve the protection and psychosocial wellbeing of vulnerable conflict-affected children in Malakal, Upper Nile. The strengthening of community-based child protection networks is a key element of the programme. War Child participates in this Joint Response through its membership of the Dutch Relief Alliance - a cooperation of 14 Dutch NGOs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. 

Learning in Peace


This project is designed to ensure that ‘at risk’ children and young people enjoy improved protection and education opportunities and can develop future life plans free from the threat of violence. Amongst the many risks these children and young people face are recruitment into armed groups, abduction, sexual violence and murder. 

Helping Children Heal


Providing psychosocial support, protection and recreation opportunities to the most marginalised Palestinian children and communities in Gaza. The project also incorporates outreach services for children living in or close to the military buffer zone known as the Access Restricted Area.

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