Four specific examples of War Child projects demonstrating how our programming lines on psychosocial support, protection and education come together and complement each other in practice.

Psychosocial Emergency Response

DR Congo, Syria, Gaza
War Child Holland has been actively responding to the emergency crisis for children in DR Congo, Syria and Gaza. e.g. Through its team in Lebanon, a specially developed  an emergency response program started early 2012. In six newly build Child Friendly Spaces in North Lebanon, War Child provides education and psychosocial support services to Syrian children. These spaces provide an opportunity for children to begin recovering from the experience of their displacement, and to access support for their psychosocial and emotional wellbeing. 

Conn@ct Now!

Burundi, Colombia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda
New challenges in (post-) conflict areas require new initiatives by new actors: to increase outreach to former unreached, to hear the former unheard, and to optimise existing efforts to support children and young people affected by conflict. In Conn@ct Now! several partners have taken on this challenge, joined forces and built up a unique initiative.
Conn@ct Now! supports children in Burundi, Colombia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda to enjoy their right to education, protection and psychosocial well-being by using innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Media. ICT and Media have already proven to impact on children around the world. ICT tools will help increase the number of beneficiaries that can be reached, to improve accessibility and overall quality of our humanitarian services, increase replication and scalability of current (direct and indirect) interventions and therefore, make our work more cost-efficient.
Partnership between: War Child Holland, Child Helpline International, Free Press Unlimited, TNO and T-Mobile
Co-funded by: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Peace beyond Fear
Lebanese young people themselves are working to develop a culture of peace and acceptance. In the project ‘Peace beyond Fear’ sixty young people from various political, geographical and sectarian backgrounds (Christian, Druze, Sunni, and Shi’ite) have established 15 Youth Peace Clubs all over Lebanon. With training on conflict prevention, communication, and mutual understanding, they want to reduce the violence and aggressiveness in their own communities. They actively spread their messages in their communities. Together with a theatre group, they created drama performances on Lebanon’s history of conflict. They involve their parents, teachers, and local decision-makers, and actively participate in the debate held during and after the performance. The outcomes are disseminated through Facebook, blogs, and local newspapers.
Partner Organisations: the Sustainable Democracy Center, and Zoukak Theater Company and Cultural Association.
Funded by: The Liberty Foundation

Move Forward
Many young women in northern Uganda are involved in commercial sex work, often because they see no alternative for earning an income. In War Child’s Move Forward project, these vulnerable young women strengthen their self-confidence and learn about the risks of their work, good hygiene, and alternative ways of making money. Friends and family are also involved in the project to promote understanding and create a supportive network for the girls.