Closing the education gap through technology

Can’t Wait to Learn sees children learn by playing educational games on tablet computers - either at informal learning centres or in formal schools. Children play the educational games individually, with each tablet enabling around four children to access the contextualised games.

Operating in resource constrained areas

Can’t Wait to Learn is accessible at any time - with mechanisms that gauge children’s learning progress against individual, group and national learning indices. Solar powered charging stations are present at each location - to ensure that the tablets are fully charged and ready for every session, where electricity is not available.

Can't Wait to Learn Soedan

Photo: War Child

Laila benefits from Can't Wait to Learn tablet education in Lebanon so she can continue learning despite the coronacrisis

Photo: War Child

Complementing the existing education system

The Can’t Wait to Learn approach can provide a pathway to quality education in settings where there is limited or no access to formal schooling. The methodology can also be used as part of a blended learning approach in alternative education centres and formal schools

Can't Wait to Learn tablets kinderen onderwijs bieden door War Child

Photo: War Child

Inspiring teachers and trainers

In every instance Can’t Wait to Learn trains the teachers and facilitators who support the children participating in the programme. Staff play the educative games themselves as part of their training - this supports them to grasp key concepts of the programme.

Feedback from teachers and facilitators has indicated that this training method has a very positive impact on their understanding of the Can’t Wait to Learn methodology - and subsequently on the quality of instruction they provide.