TeamUp for refugee children

War Child has entered into coalition with Save the Children and UNICEF to meet the urgent needs of refugee children in The Netherlands.
TeamUp AZC vluchtelingen War Child Nederland

Children playing in one of our TeamUp activities

Photo: War Child

TeamUp AZC vluchtelingen War Child Lise vrijwilliger

TeamUp volunteer Lize working in an asylum reception centre

Photo: Julie Hrudova

In search of safety

Some 21,000 refugees in the Netherlands are currently being housed in asylum reception centres - more than 7,000 of whom are under the age of 18. The majority of these people have arrived from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Iraq - and have undertaken long, arduous journeys in search of safety.

Children are the ones who are most exposed to stress and traumatic experiences during their journeys to safety. Not all of their needs are addressed during the asylum process - particularly their social and emotional needs. Which is why War Child has entered into coalition with Save the Children and UNICEF Netherlands to meet these needs.

How does TeamUp work?

TeamUp was launched in 2016 and provides child refugees aged between six and 18 with structured activities. The programme encompasses sports, games and movement activities implemented by trained volunteer facilitators.

Each activity has a specific goal related to themes such as dealing with anger, stress and interacting with peers. The suite of activities ultimately helps to provide children with emotional support and a much-needed sense of stability.

“Refugee children in The Netherlands have an urgent need for recreation and structure in their lives. TeamUp meets these needs."
Ernst Suur, project leader TeamUp

TeamUp in Uganda meets the urgent needs of child refugees from South Sudan

Dealing with sources of stress

The TeamUp programme supports children to build the resilience they need to deal with sources of stress such as bullying, anger and fear. This helps to reduce the likelihood of children developing long-term psychosocial issues - and referral mechanisms are in place for children in need of specialist support.

TeamUp International

TeamUp is set to expand to more than 30 locations in the Netherlands. The international roll-out of the project has already started in Uganda and is set to begin in South Sudan. The project will later expand to Colombia and the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt).

Our TeamUp partners:

Save the Children partner War Child

Save the Children

Save the Children promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.

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UNICEF partner War Child


UNICEF is the children's rights organisation of the United Nations.

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