Alaa (11) is Rebuilding Family Ties Through Our DEALS Programme

Alaa fled Syria eight years ago with her parents and two brothers. She has been living in Jordan ever since, near its capital Amman. Alaa misses Syria, but she is happy to feel safe and free. “Every day I participate in War Child's activities," she says. "I learn something new every day..."
Syrisch meisje tekent op bord in kleuterklas Jordanie - War Child

Alaa joins activities to prepare for school.

Photo: War Child UK

Affected by violence

The war in Syria was tough on her parents, but particularly hard on Alaa and her brothers. Alaa's father: “The violence affected our family a lot. Psychologically, I mean. It affected my wife and me, but most of all our children. After arriving in Jordan, we all had a hard time leaving our tent. We no longer dared to listen to the radio because it was nothing but bad news. Everyone here, all of the neighbours, were very nice to us, but we were traumatized and didn't want to step outside. I became depressed and my wife and children, too, were unhappy."

Alaa's story

Emergency live skills programme

A few months after arrival, Alaa and her family started participating in our emergency life skills programme: the DEALS. With our interventions we help refugee children and their families overcome their traumatic experiences. Together with local partner organisations we offer psychosocial support, education and protection. By providing expert care in a timely manner, we can prevent further psychological damage for conflict-affected families.

I Deal voor kinderen in Jordanië - War Child Holland

Parent Deals offers psychosocial emergency support for the whole family

Photo: War Child UK

Girls playing in Jordan - War Child Holland

Girls get education and can play safely again

Photo: War Child UK

Empowering children and families

War Child provides psychosocial support through creative and recreational activities, and empowers children and their families to share and process their experiences. Each of our I Deal interventions is tailored to the needs of its participants. Alaas father explains how our Parent Deals helped him. "At first I has my doubts - what good does a session do, I thought," he says. "But finally I went and instantly felt a big relief. Something inside me changed."

“I was better able to relax and let go of all the negative energy, tiredness and pain."
Alaas mother
Meisjes voeren een dansje op in Jordanie - War Child

Alaa and her friends performing a dance

Photo: War Child UK

“Alaa is smarter than all of us! She learned so much at War Child"
Alaas father

"I Learn Something New Every Time"

His daughter Alaa also benefits from our I Deal sessions. Alaa: “I go to War Child every day, including the weekend. I never want to be sick, because then I can't go to War Child. Everyone there is so nice and sweet and every time I learn something new. Things are now much better at home too - my parents are talking more with me and my brothers. We fight much less."

In addition to psychosocial support, we also provide catch-up education for children such as Alaa, to help prevent them from falling behind and allow them to return to school soon after the war ends. Alaa proudly shares how War Child taught her to write neatly. Her father jokingly adds: “Alaa is smarter than all of us! She used to be very quiet, but she has learned so much at War Child and is now much more confident.”

*All names in this story have been changed to preserve the safety of the children who take part in our programmes.