Where we work

War Child works in areas affected by armed conflict. This may be during the conflict or after it has ended. Working in these areas presents a variety of challenges ranging from insecurity to political and logistic constraints. Because of these challenges and constraints our presence in any given field location is subject to change.

Selection of regions and countries

War Child has defined criteria to select new countries or regions in which to establish programmes. Assessments are carried out in shortlisted countries to determine how situational and operational factors would influence our work.

The main criteria for shortlisting

- the intensity and scale of the conflict;
- the current status of the conflict (e.g. conflict ended, and if so, for how long);
- the impact of the conflict on children and child rights;
- the specific situation regarding children’s education, protection and psychosocial wellbeing;
- the level of cooperation of government authorities;
- the security situation and other operational considerations such as human resources.